Summer Boys & Girls Teams

Our Summer program for Team members is 11 weeks long running May 31 through August 15th. If you are NEW get ADDED to our GROUP messages by clicking the button below. 


This is for BOYS & GIRLS in Grades 5th-8th Grades.


Players will have 3-4 workout events in the evening that they can attend as a part of a team. No players are cut, they are only placed on specific teams based on ability and growth opportunities. Emails will be sent out to specific players as to their schedule of events. 


UNIFORMS: We take orders separately and can be purchased for $135  - we usually keep the set for 12 months or until they grow out of them. 


TEAM LEVELS: Gold teams are our top team, Black is our next level team, and then White. Players are moved where needed and coaches reserve the right to have players play at multiple levels. 


TOURNEY BASED: Summer is TOURNEY based where athletes will play three games on select Saturdays ... we typically do not play summer LEAGUES in an effort to give families BACK their weekends during the Summer. Please review list of Tourneys in the SUMMER TOURNEY SCHEDULE.


PAYMENT: We charge $750 for the summer season which can be paid out in 2-3 installments. Thiose who choose to pay weekly can do so, but we ask that you set those payments up thru VENMO. Click below to pay with a CREDIT CARD.



ZELLE: 469-999-1911 or

Summer Girls Youth Teams

This groups is for GIRLS K-4th Grade and is primarily a skills based program where the girls get skills and three tourney events. They will get 2 workouts a week and 9-12 games over an 11 week season - May 31-August 15. If you want to be on our GROUP EMAILS for this group of athletes CLICK the button BELOW. 


Communication will operate through Coach Martinez as he grows this product over the summer months.


UNIFORMS: A Reversible top is provided for the girls and they are asked to wear BLACK shorts with their tops. 


TEAM LEVELS: All of these athletes are considered Developmental until they reach the 5th grade and then they will start to play a higher level of basketball. 


TOURNEY BASED: They girls will play in 3-4 Shootouts in Denton Guyer on the following weekends ... They are guaranteed 3 games each Saturday. 

June 5: Local Event

June 12: Local Event

June 26: Local Event

July 10: Local Event


Extra Evening Skills: Coach Martinez will operate skills and send that information to you via text. 


PAYMENT: The cost for this program is $325 for the 11 week summer program. Click below to pay with a CREDIT CARD.



ZELLE: 469-999-1911 or

Summer BootCamp

Our Breakfast Club Boot Camp might be one of the best things we have offered to athletes. The consistent nature of the products insures that players will improve significantly over a 10 week TIME FRAME. 



June 7th thru August 12

Monday thru Thursday



Boys and Girls



Only 30 SIGN-UPS will be taken  ... Two years ago we had 45 athletes sign-up and were half the size. 


Session 1: NCAA -  8:30AM-10:00AM

Boys & Girls - 3rd-6th Grades


Session 2: PRO - 10:00-11:30AM

Boys & Girls - 6th-HS Grades



This is a COME & GO event for 10 weeks so it FITS AROUND YOUR SCHEDULE. We expect athletes to miss ... so we will only bill families for six weeks of the 10 only ... the cost is $600 for 10 weeks.



Players will be involved with a STATION BASED training program where we willl seperate groups into FOUR Categories based on age/skill. We will cover Conditioning EVERY practice, ball-handling and shooting. 


Click below to pay with a CREDIT CARD.

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