FALL BALL Fees ... 

You are almost done!!  Before any registration is complete or a player will be given a roster spot they must complete payment. Space is LIMITED THIS SEASON - meaning we will not take all players and late registrations are unlikely to happen for the FALL. All players pay the same fee in the FALL $750 for 10 Weeks of activities, unless they have worked something out specifically with a program director.

My Venmo is satriumph or you can also pay with ZELLE if needed. If you play for Marc Wilson please contact him directly and he can give you his payment instructions. 

FALL Schedule/Details

When: Season begins August 7 and Ends October 26th - Due to school starting earlier we have had to move up our season almost 3 weeks. 


Practices: The practice days/times are listed below in our GRID below. Most practices are at ORLC 7611 Park Lane.


GAME PLAY: All teams will play in the Grapevine FH/Drive Nation league during the FALL Season - some teams will play up a grade level based on ability. Most of the HS teams will play Tourneys only. 


Tourney Weekend Schedule: (Tennative)

We are working on this schedule to accomodate our HS athletes this week and will post an adjusted schedule of Tourney Events.


Tryouts and Rosters

Our focus is a players overall athletic development. So we utilize 2-3 weeks to evaluate players and typically announce those rosters around Late August or so - We do not cut athletes and simply place them on teams where their play-time can be maximized. We also value PRACTICE over GAMES - meaning we offer almost 5 practice/skills per week for an athlete and the average player plays in 1 game per week ... SO, we place more value on practices as we know if they are attended it will return the most benefit for a player. 

I need a uniform?!? Help ... 

You will order a uniform from us on this site and we will deliver those uniforms to the players at oor practices. That store is opened for about a week before the season begins and players can purchase a uniform at that time. They usually take 3 weeks to be delivered to your the athlete after the store closes.  We will also open a swag store so players can get back packs, t-shirts, and shooting tops. Our coaches usually have a set of reversible tops to fill in any gaps on the uniform front. If players dont have a uniform than they should wear black shorts and the coach will give them a reversible. 

Do you all ASSIGN a specific Coach ... 

We typically do not assign a coach to a team as we run the same plays across grade groups and all of our coaches attend and run a practice for a specific day - meaning they get to know ALL the athletes. We do this for a couple of reasons (1) your athlete will play for 4-6 coaches in 7th-12th grades - so we want them to get used to different voices ... (2) The more eyes we have on players the better we can serve their needs and discuss their development as a coaching staff. 

Roster selection and Parent Reaction...

We reserve the right to move a player to a different roster at anytime during the season in an effort to help them develop. We also allow some players to play on multiple teams which will allow them chance to develop with different groups - we call them ALTERNATES. 


Parents often have a tendenacy to OVER-EVALUATE their players ability and skill level. Our coaches make TEAM SELECTIONS on ability more than "friend group" ... "Carpool" ... or "Attending School" ... We expect players to play with their selected group and they can always EARN their way on to a different team. 

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